4 ways to make your product stand out in the crowd
4 Ways to Make Your Product Stand out in the Crowd
October 18, 2020
5 points to keep your Advertising & Marketing on track in 2020

5 points to keep your Advertising & Marketing on track in 2020

5 points to keep your Advertising & Marketing on track in 2020 

We all had vast plans for advertising and marketing in 2020, but we never knew that this plans will all come to halt with arrival of Covid-19.

How to advertise in 2020

“How do I communicate to my audience at a time like this?” that’s the question we all have been asking since Covid. But even when it appears like there’s no right thing to say, brands and companies still uncover ways to be relevant to their customers.

During this 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, it is basic for brands to be prudent. They have to utilize careful advertising and marketing and be compassionate to customers. Brands must recognize the need while consistently reflecting positive qualities that will keep customers returning. This can be cultivated through modifying advertising & marketing campaigns, analyzing the language and imagery used in marketing and advertising materials and attention to customer’s interest.

Here are 5 points to keep your advertising and marketing on track in 2020 while walking through the Covid-19 Phase.

1. Boom in Online Advertising & Marketing

According to Valassis consumer graph, 39% of social media users polled said they were spending more time on social media. Individuals are far off working and living under limitations. This has normally prompted a huge increment in web-based media use among customers. Also as Gen Z is coming into young adulthood, the number of social media users is also increasing. It’s natural that they use it more because they have never seen a world without web. Organizations should review their online media presence so as to exploit this surge in users. But that doesn’t mean that you focus only on lead generation, but also on overall customer service which includes responding to inquiries from customers as most of the people prefer getting responded promptly over social media platforms.

2. Social Media and the Use of Influencers and Endorsers

influencer marketing in 2020

According to ReportLinker, the global influencer marketing market is expected to grow to $26.4 billion by 2025. It is important that a brand must choose the right influencer for their promotion who will deliver the right message to the right audience. Since the influencer market is increasing, the budget of big influencers is also high, making it difficult for SMESs. SMEs can still take advantage of influencer marketing by working with micro- or nano influencers—influencers who don’t have tremendous followings, but do have great engagement levels. It’s significantly more powerful to join forces with an influencer whose 10,000 followers really trust what they state and draw in with them, than to pay for one with 1.2 million who seldom engage with its followers.

3. Discount offers to promote new products.

sampling and discount offers in 2020

Sampling has been an easy and amazing way of promoting your new or old product. Typically you see food products as the face of product sampling in general. Small sample cups available at local stores, groceries or shops. Cosmetics have also seen a boost of popularity in the product sampling but sadly during Covid-19 it is very difficult to bring your product experience to customers through sampling.  It becomes difficult to attract the customer to get your product experienced by them, but still by offering some amazing discount offers or a free gift items along with your product or an attractive product display with self-explanatory banners, it can be achieved at some level. To get more details about how we can promote your brand or product, touch base with our advertising expertise.

4. Traditional advertising is still alive

advertising in 2020

Creative advertising of UOW

Advertisers are similarly as in obscurity about the impacts of the lockdown limitations on business as any other individual. It’s completely reasonable to hold back on campaigns and reevaluate when they want to have their launches. But what is noteworthy is that in this period of vulnerability, organizations will look to cut, which means there’s a ton less advertising commotion from your rivals. What’s remarkable is that the greater part plan to continue their spending at a similar level or increment it, even amidst the current economic downturn. During the Great Recession, brands who continued on putting resources into their advertising constantly came out the other side happier than their peers who kept down.

5. Trending Corporate gifts for clients and customers

corporate gifts in 2020

It was during the mid-March-April when I received a corporate gift pack containing sanitizer, thermos along with other covid essential items. This is the way the company completely won the situation by providing essential gifts to others with their image and thus promoting themselves. Corporate gifts can play a vital role in enhancing the image of your business and your relationship with partners, clients, and employees. Personalized gifts are always effective in showing genuine appreciation and gratitude. To get more details on types of corporate gifts, you can connect with our experts.

So these were the five points that are practiced by companies to keep things on track. At the end we all hope that we come out of this situation soon and get everything back to normal. But still we have to accept the new normal and keep moving forward.

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